Mark Cuban: Student Loan "easy money" creating a bubble

Limit student loans to improve economy

The best way to fix the student loan bubble is to limit the allotted amount of loans each student is allowed to receive each year to no more than $10,000, Cuban said, adding that a cap on student debt would force universities to lower tuition and curb spending. Rising tuition costs don't help the economy as much as increasing students' purchasing power-a college may just use the extra cash to "build a better fitness center at your school." Tuition revenue is "just easy money and easy money goes to a college administrators' head just as much as anybody else, Cuban said on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" Monday. Anytime you create easy money, you're gonna create a bubble or inflation and that's what's happening with college tuition, Cuban said.
Comment: Image source. EZ student loans inflates tuition, makes slaves out of students, hurts the housing market and the economy.A related article - Major Debt Shift for Millenials

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