Don't Fish in the Toilet and other Toilet Issues

Why Many Indians Can’t Stand to Use the Toilet

“Many people regard open defecation as part of a wholesome, healthy, virtuous life,” a recent study conducted in Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh found. Researchers at the New Delhi-based Research Institute for Compassionate Economics added that the practice is “not widely recognized among rural north Indians as a threat to health.” Those five northern Indian states account for 45% of the country’s households without a toilet, according to data from the 2011 census. But even in homes where toilets were installed, many people still prefer to go outside. The RICE study found that out of 3,235 rural homes, 43% had a working toilet. Of those, over 40% had at least one member of the household who nevertheless opted to defecate in the open. When asked why, almost 75% said they did so because it was pleasurable, comfortable and convenient.

Chinese hotel puts up hilarious posters telling guests how to use a Western-style toilet (handstands are a no-no and FISHING is strictly prohibited)


The unnamed hotel responded to the guest's comment, saying: 'There are certainly people that would use the toilet by putting their feet on the toilet seat. 'So, while laughing to your heart's content, be sure to follow the rules on how to use the toilet.' Toilets in the Far East are usually suitable for squatting, so it's not surprising that instructions were required to show users the right way to use a seated loo
Comment: We have a cat who plays in the toilet

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