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To All: Sharper Iron (SI) posted a Filing today on the Woman Preaching at NIU. As one could expect, Aaron Blumer and Jim Peet create ways to allow for and legitimize NIU having a woman preaching in chapel. One example reminds one of Dave Doran's Second Defintion for "Separation" in Academic Contexts teaching to essentially escape the force of Scripture. Peet wrote, "NIU is not a church." Blumer wrote, "Is a Bible college a church?" Both Blumer and Peet reject that this was a chapel preaching service, to instead as Blumer calls it, "address the organization...inspiring lecture." No surprise here from the pseudo- fundamentalist SI.

Comment: My full comments are here. On NIU ... never been there. I am neither a defender nor a critic. Outside of my orbit of interest.  Been close once. Wanted to go there when K and I drove around Lake Superior but we mapped it out and it was hours away. On the man and his comments about me. He has a serious inferiority complex. I mentioned him once before on my blog. On pseudo-fundamentalism (I'm not even sure what that means ... but see this link for my entire view on "prefixes"). Image is a cat yawning. Source.. Having had many cats ... a cat yawning and a cat about to cough up a hairball ... look very much alike! Just saying!


  1. Now come on--don't you know that as one of the editors of SharperIron, you have the power to snap your fingers and control what Fourth-friendly Bible colleges do? :^)

    Seriously, there are all kinds of serious critiques that can be made, and those KJVO types are seriously working to prove the stereotypes by not taking a good look. If they want to prove that they're constant shallow thinkers, they're doing a great job.

  2. I should have known who it was before clicking on the link to your 'anatomy' article!


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