Real median income stagnates

Men Who Work Full-Time Earn Less Than 40 Years Ago

The real median income of American men who work full-time, year-round peaked forty years ago in 1973, according to data published by the U.S. Census Bureau. In 1973, median earnings for men who worked full-time, year-round were $51,670 in inflation-adjusted 2012 dollars. The median earnings of men who work full-time year-round have never been that high again.
Comment: In February of 1973 (when I basically began my career*, my salary was $ 9,600. Per this CPI calculator that would be the equivalent of $51,090.38 in 2014 dollars.)
---- *Timeline:
  • June 1971: Graduated from college (University of Cincinnati)
  • Summer 1971: Campus Crusade for Christ training at Arrowhead Springs California
  • 1971-72 school year: CCC at University of Buffalo
  • Summer '72: Pastoral internship
  • Fall '72: My abortive attempt at seminary school (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
  • February '73: Hired by IBM and moved to Tampa Florida

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