Golden Age of Dividend Investing?

We Are in the ‘Golden Age of Dividends,’ Says Hersh Cohen


Are we in "the golden age of dividends"?

Hersh Cohen, who has been investing professionally for 45 years, should know - and he says it is indeed the best of times for income-seeking investors, thanks to low dividend taxes and the proven commitment of great American companies to share their cash with shareholders through higher payouts.

Cohen, co-chief investment officer of Legg Mason Inc.’s (LM) ClearBridge Investments and co-manager of ClearBridge Equity Income (SOPAX), says in the attached video: “I’ve never seen anything like the last five months” in terms of the frequency of generous dividend hikes. “Dividends have exploded to the upside.”
Comment: Image source is hybrid. Here with this special effect. Our only non-dividend paying stock is BRK-B which I bought for my wife as a birthday present.

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