VNC IPOD to Macbook

Mocha VNC

I've been enjoying my new IPod Touch. Was wondering if I could VNC into my MacBook Pro with the IPod. Well it's EZ (as they say - "there's an App for that!"). I tried the Mocha VNC lite and got that to work. Then I bought the full version. Extremely cool.

I'm thinking that the IPad would be a good tool for Kathee. She needs email, browsing, VNC into my MacBook (when we do our financial reviews she shares my screen), and a couple of games: Mahjong, Freecell, Sudoku. All could be accomplished with a IPad.


  1. I have not used a VNC app, but I have used a ssh client to connect to my server.

    Not sure how the iPad would work, but you can share your screen with skype. That may work as well.


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