Tourist's camera rolls seconds before attack!

Whale trainer had 'dream job,' sister says


From the time she visited SeaWorld as a 9-year-old, Dawn Brancheau was hooked. From then on, her family said, she was determined to be an animal trainer when she grew up.

"It was her dream job," Brancheau's sister, Diane Gross, said Thursday. "And our family got to ride along with her in her dream."

But on Wednesday, Brancheau, 40, died at the Orlando, Florida, park after a killer whale named Tillikum -- a whale she trained and cared for -- grabbed her ponytail and dragged her underwater in front of stunned onlookers.

The Orange County medical examiner determined that she probably died from "multiple traumatic injuries and drowning," the Orange County Sheriff's Office said Thursday.

Comment: As for me ... I want to EAT fish ... not be eaten by fish (or a mammal in this case!)

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