A trailer: My first home

After WWII my Father returned to civilian life. That life was working on the road with A.T. & T. as a linesman. Mom and Dad and Sis lived in a trailer that could be towed behind a Mercury sedan. I have only seen one picture of the trailer and from what I remember it looked something like the above. By the time I was born, my family lived in a trailer park. The trailer had no indoor toilet. I lived in a trailer like this for the first several months of my life. Later Dad, Mom, Sis and moved into a small home in Fort Wayne. The 2nd picture shows that while we might have been poor, I was at least well-fed!

Comment to readers: I am doing this for my kids ... but feel free to look on! :). Updated on 8/24/14 w actual picture of the trailer with Mom and Nancy

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