Moorestown Bible Church

In February 1984, I was called to Moorestown Bible Church in historic 300 year old Moorestown New Jersey. We sold our house in Cherry Hill and moved into the parsonage next to the church (house to the left of the church in the photo above. The house was built in 189? (I think in 1897). It had been a funeral home for many years. The church had been Moorestown Methodist Protestant church, then Moorestown Bible Protestant Church, then Moorestown Bible Church and now is Hope Community Church. Across the street from the church / parsonage is a WAWA convenience store and a Friendly's restaurant. Next to the church is a CVS pharmacy - used to be an Oldsmobile dealer.

Address with street view: 235 W Main Street Moorestown, NJ


  1. Very cool. I went to church there in the 1960s and 1970s

  2. It was in fact Duncan Buick. I worked there and also attended Mooerestown Bible Protestant church, my name being in the roll in the cornerstone.The old church was built in 1883 And C.S. Ackley was pastor. In 1969 the new church was led by Pastor William H. Kolb. I believe Mr. Cutler was there as well!


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