Dietzgen Microglide Log Log Slide Rule

Comment: Found on Ebay (and purchased).

I used a slide rule all through college. These were pre-calculator days. It was amazing how fast financial and other math work could be accomplished with a slide rule. Mine back then was a Pickett yellow aluminum.

Sadly I've forgotten all the intricacies of the slide rule knowledge I once used. I bought this Dietzgen and just received it today. It was manufactured in 1959. Oh what a beaut it is!

(Bert ... I need to show this to you!)

More on slide rule usage here


  1. I think my Dad still has that exact same one. (of course, he does not use it though)

  2. I'm looking forward to it. I might look for one myself.....call me a Luddite (formerly) in high tech!


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