Financial bloodbath!

Visualizing Financials: Charting the Carnage

Comment: I bought 1000 shares of Fifth Third today ... just pennies above a buck a share.


  1. Is it legal for you to own shares of a competitor? In my business, I cannot own shares outside of mutual funds of any of our competitors or trade options on our own stock. I have to disclose any potential conflict of interest each year.I would think that you owning fifth third would be a huge conflict of interest?

  2. No conflict of interest .... we have an ethics booklet and annual training on ethics.

    What would be a conflict of interest would be if I had a business that competed with W/F ... say I sold Insurance for Primerica on the side. Many more examples but owning shares in FITB is not one of them.

  3. Wow, WF is very liberal when it comes to conflict of interest. I could never do that where I work.

  4. JP, I've been thinking of buying many stocks lately. But to be honest, even at these bargain basement prices on virtually EVERYTHING, I'm afraid I'd still lose money because I think we'll still go down in the market overall.

    TLange, I buy stocks of my competitors all the time. There's no problem with that at all. If anything, the only problem is if you buy your OWN stocks and are a very high level employee and somehow don't report it on insider trading sheets.

  5. Does anyone think Ken Lay is alive and well in Paraguy or some such South American location?

  6. Terry,

    How do you perceive that this is a conflict of interest? I am a nobody at my mega bank. (I'm a somebody ... but no one consults with me before corporate decisions are made!)


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