"Give Praise to God" quotes

A friend suggested this book to me and I am working my way carefully though it.

Here are several quotes:

Calvin called our minds "perpetual idol factories." Experience confirms his less-then-flattering estimation. Indeed, idolatry, not theoretical atheism, is the basic problem of the human heart. Luther said that "we are inclined to it by nature; and coming to us as an inheritance, it seems pleasant." Humanity, having been created in God's image, and with a sense of deity indelibly written on its heart, is inescapably religious. However, since the fall, our tendency is to attempt to make God in our own image and thus worship ourselves rather than the one in whose image we were made. (p. 59)

In Biblical worship we so focus upon God Himself and are so intent to acknowledge his inherent and unique worthiness that we are transfixed by Him, and thus worship is not about what we want or like … but rather about meeting with God and delighting in His delights. Praise decentralizes self. (p. 64)

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