10 Common Money Mistakes

Are These 10 Common Money Mistakes Keeping You Poor?

  1. Impulsive Spending [I've been weak in this regard! Wife keeps me in line!] Consider: Six ways to curb impulse spending

  2. Being Swayed by Sales Techniques [I have incredible sales resistance to salesmen! They hate me!]

  3. Never Checking for Cheaper Deals [With the Internet this is EZ!]

  4. The ‘Poor Me’ Attitude

  5. Not Having a Savings Plan [Use Ingdirect or some other bank to set up an automatic plan! Look for 'free money' ... like the company match on the 401K or being able to buy company stock at a discount (the later is not an option where I work!)]

  6. Making Wealth Accumulation the Purpose of Life [No Christian should have this as his object in life!]

  7. Letting Money Spoil Friendships [My rule ... I do not lend to relatives or friends!]

  8. Not Tracking Your Finances [EZ with tools like Moneydance, Quicken, or Mint]

  9. Gaining an Adverse Credit Rating [Check your credit rating annually. See link on below right on my blog for the free site]

  10. Borrowing at High Interest Rates [If you have to borrow (and most will!) use a service like LendingTree.com]

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