Job Interview

Today is my first blog and it starts with a job interview.

I work in technology for a major financial institution. I thank God for my job because:

  1. He has provided it to me (it is very clear to me)
  2. I have some fun times (more on this later)
  3. As I'm sure it is for all who work for large companies ... sometimes I see myself, my boss, my company, or my project in the Dilbert comic strip. And there is a lot of B.S.: project tracking, status reports, month end reporting, week end statuses, expense reporting, etc.
  4. What I do now: I work in the field of disaster recovery.

My job interview: I am going to keep this a little general:

  1. It is in technology with the same company
  2. It involves thousands of P.C.s
  3. It would involve limited travel (twice a quarter)
  4. I would initiate and execute an program
  5. It involves project management
  6. I would need to promote and market the program to "the business" .. this is what we in technology call "our customer" ... "our patron" .. the folk who fund us (they can be fickle!)

I probably won't know anything for a week or so. There were 92 applicants. 60 external to the company and 32 internal. The hiring manager is only interviewing internal candiates. If I make the first cut, I will be interviewed by another manager (peer of the hiring manager)

Well .. so much for today's post.

A Bible verse: "for to me to live is for Christ and to die is gain". While I work in technology ... I really work for Christ. And I love Him and want to please Him.

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