4270 Cottonwood

4270 Cottonwood

My neighbor's house goes on the market soon (I think next week)

  • Predict that it goes on the market for $ 379K (prediction date = 5/15/19)
  • And that it sells for $ 360K

Update: On the market today (5/20) for $ 375:


  1. I am ashamed and embarrassed for you. How can you dare to live in a neighborhood with prices that high? The amount of white guild you should have is off the scale. Most colored people cannot afford a house even close to that price. I hope a Muslim family moves in to create more diversity in your white, heterosexual neighborhood.

  2. Jim, I suppose there is nothing wrong with having nice stuff. But to live in a neighborhood with house that expensive, to wear a Rolex, to have a job that pays 100K or more are wrong things for Christians. I'm not accusing you of having a job that pays $100K or wear a Rolex, because I don't know you. I would like to think that we all know that Christians should not engage in this type of crude lifestyle, but sadly, some people think this is ok.


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