Bitter Week

2/3/1996 Trib

On Track for Plowable (4-8") Snowfall Sunday PM - Coldest Pop in 15 Years Next Week


By midweek, we may see the coldest temperatures since 2004, when the mercury at MSP sank to a face-chapping -24F. Records show only 6 mornings of 20 below or colder at MSP since 2000. It's increasingly rare, but little pieces of the polar vortex still flake off and meander south of the border. I suspect next week's invasion will be the coldest of the winter and possibly the chilliest outbreak since 2004. BTW, subzero lows become less frequent in February, due to a higher sun angle. If that's any consolation. A strong clipper may still drop 4-8 inches of powder late Sunday and Sunday night, with the best chance of a half foot or more south of the Twin Cities. Expect a memorable AM commute Monday morning.
Coming our way: A snowstorm, then dangerous cold


The midweek cold spell will rival the frigid February of 1996, which closed schools and challenged septic systems, car batteries and guys who wear shorts no matter what, the Weather Service said. Next week's arctic surge will have one feature the 1996 spell didn't have — winds of 10 to 15 mph on Tuesday night and Wednesday, Calderone said. That will yield windchills of 45 below zero in the metro and of up to 60 below zero in the country, where the wind has more room to move, he said. Winds will die down a bit Wednesday night and Thursday. Tuesday's high will be 7 below zero, and Wednesday's will be 11 below, with Thursday "warming up" to a high of 4 below, Calderone said. What to do? "Stay inside," he advised. "Keep your pets inside. Telecommute. If you really have to go out, dress in layers, and make sure you have emergency gear in your car." If it's any comfort, Calderone said, "we're not looking at setting records here." For the record, here are the record temperatures at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport — 29 below for Jan. 29, set in 1951; 30 below for Jan. 30, set in 1887, and 27 below for Jan. 31, also set in 1887.

Comment: We moved here June of 1996

Maybe 4". Today at 4pm. Now about 14

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