Another bonehead mistake - Stalemate

  • Here I am dominating and then ...
  • I move White Rook from A3 to C3
  • I reason ... Black Rook cannot move to take White Rook (C5 to C3) because that move would expose Black King to Check
  • Also ... look how White Knight protects White Rook from being taken by the King
  • But ... this poor move left NO VALID moves for Black: The Rook cannot move! The Black Pawn cannot advance. And the King has no moves either!
  • Stalemate!
  • What I should have done was Rook A3 to A5.
  • King could have moved to C4 or E3
  • Rook or Queen could have easily taken Black Rook followed by the coup de grĂ¢ce

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