39 Radiation Treatments

Beginning a week from today, the 39 radiation treatments will commence: Weekdays only with 3 holidays off. 

I had the targeting CAT scan today. They molded a custom form for my feet and legs and I have three "dot" tattoos at my hip level that the machine can triangulate on for targeting. 

It all starts next week at Methodist Hospital in Saint Louis Park. Each radiation treatment is just about 15 minutes, but I have travel, checkin, dressing down etc., so I think each day may be about 2 hours. 

Kathee will go with me with the exception of two days a week when she babysits our grandkids. Thanks for your prayers for me. 

If all goes well, blood work in late January will show the cancer to be in remission. 

I hope to keep a normal schedule but the doctor tells me I may be extra tired. 

I am going to try to witness to one person everyday. Today I gave a gospel of John to a receptionist. So perhaps pray that God would enable this opportunity as well. 

Machine Down
New Years

The delivery device is a Varian TrueBeam



  1. Wow, that's intense....will pray.

    And to state the obvious bad joke, hope you don't start glowing in the dark, brother!

  2. Thanks for the update. I prayed for you and the gal to whom you gave the Gospel of John.

  3. On the times: I chose 7:45 as my preferred time. All others were assigned to me

  4. I'll be praying for & your family during this entire process.

  5. Day#1 done: Witnessed (Gospel of John and prayed) w Nick - 70 yr old man in a wheelchair w bladder cancer

  6. Day # 2 11/17 5:30 appt:

    Arrived at 5:20. Machine is broken and down. Man in the lobby was in the machine when it broke.

    They have 2 machines but him and I are programmed for #1 and it is broken.

    Dr comes out and tells us he wants us to wait and Varian has been called. Next update at 6:45

    Kathee goes to cafeteria and bring back hamburgers for us (on them)

    Tonight is my grandson's 2nd birthday and we are supposed to go there after wards

    Finally at 7 ... kids go ahead and have cake with Sully (2). We are still at the hospital.

    In the lobby (all cancer patients): Russian man with lung cancer w his (spouse?) About 50. I offer Gospel of John. Thanks but not interested.

    Bonnie (about 75) arrives with husband of 48 years Raj (he is from Malaysia). They met while she is in peace corp years ago. She has lung and bone cancer. Today is her birthday.

    Russian man and woman have left for food. K & I sing happy birthday to Bonnie. She smiles and is happy.

    Tech comes out and tells her that because machine is down she will be rescheduled.

    Before she leaves I offer Gospel of John and she gladly receives. I tell her I am a retired pastor and may I pray with her. She says yes and we hold hands as I pray for her.

    They leave.

    Russian man is back and the machine is up and running at 7 p.m.

    Lobby empty and Hindu man from Guyana arrives: throat cancer. Surgery got some but not all cancer.

    Russian man is done and it is my turn.

    Done at 7:45.

    I give Gospel of Johns to two techs: Jacob and Rich (from India)

    Back in the lobby I pray with Hindu man and share 1 Tim 1:15 with him

    Off to birthday party and home at 9:45 pm

    Very long day

    37 more to go

  7. Arrived at 5:40 pm for 5:45 appointment.

    Sole person there. Done by 6:15 and home

    I did have an opportunity to witness to an Israeli youth - 25 . Adam has been in US for a year. Garage door repairman.

  8. Symptoms started today (after lunch): The lining of the bladder is sensitive to radiation and may become inflamed (a condition called cystitis) during treatments. Your treatments may cause you to feel: Pain or a burning sensation when you are urinating. The need to urinate frequently (often in small amounts). Plus some blood in the urine. Also was very tired this morning and slept for at least an hour after breakfast.

  9. Day # 4: 6:30 appt / home at 7:40

    Gave nurse Julie Anne and husband (Tom) or breast cancer patient Lynn a Gospel of John.

    To another man as well but I think he threw it away.

    Saw Hindu man on the way out

    Dr is concerned about blood in urine. One off?

    May need to see urologist.

  10. Wed 11/22 - 6pm appt:

    All ran 45 min late.

    Hindu man (see above) there with his son Randy who works at Wells Fargo. Able to pray with the father and give gospel of John to both.

    Shared my cancer verse (1 Tim 1:15) with techs Jacob and Sara.

    Tom and wife Lynn there again. Extended conversation.

    Upon leaving was able to briefly share the gospel and leave gospel of John w nurse Cathy.

    If I am never healed - this is worth it

  11. 11/24 5:15 pm appt: Ran late by 30 min.

    Met Hindu man's wife = Basmet. Son Randy there as well

    Son-in-law Ways went with me b/c Kathee cooking dinner

    Gave Gospel of John to radiation tech = Jessica

    Home at about 6:20pm

  12. Day #7 / 11/27 @ 5:30

    Left the house at 4:45 and arrived at 5:15.

    No one in the lobby

    Upon leaving spoke briefly with Cathy (nurse). She said has started reading the Gospel of John.

    In the truck at 5:57 and home before 6:30

  13. # 8 today 11/28 @ 2:00 pm. 1st time at this time of day.

    Able to witness briefly w Dolly (breast cancer). She was there with husband Bill. Both retired and have lived in Plymouth for 45 years. She a GM retiree. Was reading the Gospel of John as I left.

    Also gave Gospel of John to coffee delivery person (Brett) as he was dropping off at the seminary.

    Other: need to give urine at the lab this week

  14. #9 / 11/29 @ 7:45. Left house at 7:03 and home at 8:35.

    New Rad techs: Corey and Ann. Gospel of Johns to both .. seemed blaise.

    Talked briefly to nurse Cathy.

    Kathee (wife) gave John to nurse Sue

    Urine test at Lab

    Matt Lauer fired today #metoo / I'm no one special but never did this

  15. # 10 on 11/30 at 7:45. Left house at 7:08 and home by about 8:30

    Gave Gospel of John to receptionist Lori (Roman Catholic). Also to Rad tech Camie.

    Met Joel back when I had bone scan 6-7 weeks ago. Saw him at coffee machine. He is nuclear medicine tech. Accepted Gospel of John

  16. 12/1 @ 7:45: Left house at 7 am

    Received call at about 7:10 am from Corey that the machine is down with tech on the way (but not yet on site) with no ETA.

    We could have continued to the hospital and waited but we exited Hwy 169 in Minnetonka and drove home.

    Kathee has a volunteer commitment at 9:30 am AND trying to manage a full bladder (bladder is supposed to be full at Rad time) while not knowing when appt would be made the choice obvious.

    Now home. Added 1/15 to the schedule for # 39

  17. 12/4 @ 7:45: Left house at 7:00 a.m.

    Cami, Sara and Megan (intern) were radiation techs. Gave Gospel of Johns to both Sara and Megan (gave one to Cami last week)

    That's Cami in the tweet 12/4 in the post.

    Shared 1 Timothy 1:15 with nurse Joan

    New patient Greg in waiting area (treatment # 3 of 39)

    Picked up egg McMuffin and was home just after 9 am

  18. 12/5 # 12 @ 7:45.

    Snow and ice day

    Left house at 6:43 am and arrived at about 8:10. (for 7:45 appt)

    Greg who was scheduled after me but had arrived took my spot.

    Radiation Lobby: Marilyn (her 19th and final breast cancer treatment); Greg (tile and dry wall guy, 57, recurrent prostate cancer); and Paul (retired Federal Reserve Bank employee, rectal cancer. His treatments: radiation followed by surgery followed by healing time followed by chemo. He is just starting his journey.)

    We gave Gospel of John to each and prayed with each.

    Cami & Jacob the radiation techs.

    Arrived home at 9:45. We took the Buick and Kathee drove

  19. # 13 on 12/5 at 7:45. Left home at 6:50 and home by 8:45.

    I think I've given Gospel of Johns to all Rad Techs

    Selfie today w Vanessa and Ann Marie

    Lobby: Greg (follows me); Dionne and his wife. Not sure what kind of cancer Dionne has but he is doing chemo & radiation together to be followed by surgery and then more radiation. Wife is Isabel. Hope to give him / them a John tomorrow or Friday.

    Sven and Ole jokester also there. Friday is his graduation date. Don't know his name. Guessing 65. Praying to give him a Gospel either tomorrow or Friday.

    Another guy came in but was called to machine # 2 and I didn't get his name.

  20. 12/7 Radiation therapy # 14 at 7:45

    Left the house at about 6:50.

    Met Mary who was bringing wheel chairs to entrance. Was able to briefly connect and provide Gospel of John.

    Lobby empty when we arrived.

    Dionne and Glen arrived. Tomorrow is Glen's last day of radiation for prostate cancer. He's the one who tells the Sven & Ole jokes. Glen's time tomorrow is later so today the last time I will see him. Was able to graciously give a Gospel of John to both of them.

    Greg and Mark arrive (both prostate cancer patients). 1st time I've been with 3 other men in the same room with same condition as me (salvage radiation after recurrence).

    Mark turned down Gospel of John

    Home at 8:20 am


    Sara and Cami

  21. 12/8 # 15 @ 7:45 am

    C-Club (cancer-club) on 12/8 at #Radiation therapy


    L to R:

    Isabel, me, Glen, Dionne (husband of Isabel)

    Today is graduation day for Glen (72) (prostate cancer - 39 treatments). Dionne (50) is suffering from colon cancer and is in much pain. It's a privilege to know and pray for him.

    Also the radiation waiting room, Bob (76) (stage 4 prostate cancer). He is a Viet Nam vet. More on Bob: (This is what I hope to avoid!!! I am stage 3 / he has cancer in his spine and skull. Has lost use of one eye).

    Kathee offered and he accepted a Gospel of John

    Radiation techs: Cami and Jessica

  22. 12/11 @ 7:45. # 16. We left the house at 6:45 and arrived about 7:10. Snowy slick drive in.

    In the lobby a breast cancer patient. Light conversation but I didn't get her name. She did volunteer that she is a Lutheran. Her husband died at age 72 of aggressive prostate cancer diagnosed at age 70.

    [this rattles me a bit b/c my cancer is deemed aggressive - but I am still alive two years later (Praise the Lord)]

    Greg, Mark and Dionne arrived. Dionne's pain is less. Hindu man arrived as I was leaving and we greeted.

    Saw the Dr & all OK

    Picked up a breakfast burrito at McD's on the way home

  23. 12/12 @ 7:45. # 17. We left at 6:55 - EZ traffic.

    In the lobby: the breast cancer patient. Name = Diane. Tomorrow is her last day. Hope to give her a Gospel of John.

    Also Greg, Mark and Dionne. Talked quite a bit with Dionne. Very nice guy. Attends Sanctify Church.

    Lab techs: Camie and Lisa (new to me). Accepted Gospel of John

    Saw Hindu man as I left and we embraced in the parking lot

    Home at 8:30 ... just finishing breakfast now

  24. 12:13 @ 7:45: # 18: On my own today with the truck. I left at 6:43 b/c a snow squall was forecast (and materialized!). EZ drive in.

    In the lobby: Diane (last treatment); Dionne; Mark and Greg.

    Techs: Jacob and Lisa

    Greg brought truck up to the door for me and we embraced. Nice guy!

    Slippery drive home. Picked up sausage burrito (2) at McD's and home at 8:35

    # 18 of 39 down

  25. 12/14 @ 7:45: # 19:

    EZ drive in and back. Kathee drove

    In the lobby: Breast cancer lady (new to us) Quiet no conversation with her; Dionne. (Dionne is on machine # 1 before me); Greg and Mark.

    Rad techs: Jacob & Liza

  26. 12/15 @ 7:45: # 20

    half-way selfie

    EZ drive in. Weather good

    Techs: Diane (photo above) and Lisa. Good sports. Dianne took Gospel of John today. I think I've given gospels to every tech. Dianne was the last one.

    In the lobby: Dionn. Monday will be his last treatment. Two months of healing followed by surgery the end of February

    Greg and Mark.

    Also Sue with her husband. Sue is being treated for breast cancer. I think she must live in Plymouth b/c her son is in the Wayzata district. She accepted gospel of John.

    Cathy (nurse) hugged me

    Home at 8:30

  27. 12/18 #21. On my own today.

    Graduation day for Dionn.

    L to R: Camie (rad tech), Dianne (front) (rad tech), Greg (back), Mark (front), Dionn Clare the MAN OF THE DAY, and me.

    In the lobby: (aside from above): Sue & new guy Scott (throat cancer).

    grandkids overnight

  28. 12/19 # 22:

    Rad Techs: Camie and Diane

    In the lobby: Sue (breast cancer), Greg (prostate) [he now has the Dionn slot of 7:30 just before me on machine #1], and Mark (who arrived a bit late.

    Leaving: saw Scott (throat cancer) in the parking lot. Was able to greet him and offer him a gospel of John. He said: "my wife will read it". Scott's time is 8:15 and mine 7:45 so probably we won't intersect much

  29. 12/20 # 23:

    Rad techs: Lisa and Michelle. Michelle new to me. Didn't have a gospel of John in my pocket.

    Everything was running late by 15-20 min. Machine had temporary halt while Greg was one Machine # 1. I went in at about 8:05 (for a 7:45 appt.

    Lobby was different and quiet. When we arrived Greg and new guy Scott (not the throat cancer Scott). Scott quiet. Not much conversation.

    We took a birthday card in for Jacob (rad tech whose b/d is tomorrow).

    I had a minor problem with radiation. Rectum is ideally supposed to be empty and I felt a BM coming on. Dr Haley had to be called in to review CAT scan before radiation could commence.

    Upon leaving lobby full with new people. Of course at this juncture I'm on the way out.

    Glad to get home (at 9) take care of bathroom "obligations" and have breakfast.

  30. Emily Wilson is the artist of the nature themed wall sculpture. Inquiring about buying one of her pieces

  31. 12/21 #24:

    Traffic EZ. Kathee drove. I was up at 6:10 and we left the house at 7 a.m.

    In the lobby: Sue (breast cancer) and Greg (prostate).

    Rad techs: Camie, Michelle w Sonja as an observer (she is interested in Rad tech training).

    Had a gospel in my pocket and offered it to Michelle who accepted. I quoted 1 Tim 1:15 to Michelle and Sonja.

    Leaving: bald breast cancer woman & Scott (throat cancer) and his wife Lori

    Camie made Christmas cookies and we brought 2 home.

    Stopped at McD's and bought breakfast burrito.

    Now home and having coffee.

  32. 12/22 # 25:

    EZ drive in:

    Rad waiting room quiet today. Greg there who precedes me.

    Maura arrives. Turns out she is a Star Trib reporter whom I follow on Twitter.

    Lab techs: Jacob (who turned 24 yesterday - I sing Happy Birthday to him) and Lisa.

    Today is Mark's last day but he was coming in later and I missed him.

    Leaving: wished nurses Cathy and Grace Merry Christmas ... saw Lab tech Camie and hugged her

  33. 12/26 # 26:

    Bitterly cold: -7 when we left the house.

    In the lobby: Maura, Sue & h = Daryl, Greg, Scott & wife Lori

    New woman Veronica. From Mexico. Kathee gave her a gospel of John.

    Techs: Jacob & Diane.

    Machine fault during treatment. Machine had to reset ... delay of 5 min

  34. 12/27 #27:

    More cold: minus 8 when we left and returned

    In the lobby: Maura, Sue, Greg, Scott & wife Jodi. [correction from yesterday where I called her Lori]

    Techs: Lisa, Sonja, and Sarah (a Sarah new to me).

    Saw the Dr ... all OK. Nurse Sue.


  35. Update just minutes ago on Dionn (from FB):

    Our family is experiencing a horrific time during Dionn Clare cancer treatment.
    After speaking with Dionns team over the holiday it was advised that Dionn be admitted to Methodist Hospital.
    Dionn is in ICU
    It is not advised to have visitors come see Dionn.
    I am waiting to meet with new doctors to navigate what our next steps will be.
    We are thankful for the support and I apologize as I am not in a place to talk.
    Please be specific in prayer for Dionn, his friends and family.

  36. 12/28 # 28

    Snowy, icy day. We left the house at 6:50 am

    In the lobby: Greg, Sue, Maura, and Karen (we've seen her before but had not met her).

    Sue is moving to another time, so this was the last day to see her.

    Machine broke while Greg was on it. 40 min delay. When the machine started up, Greg let me take his place (we switched places).

    Drive home was icy. We saw 3 accidents involving 4 cars on Hwy 169, so we were glad to arrive home safely at 9:20

    Today is our 43rd anniversary.

    Sue, Greg and Kathee

    Early days

  37. The conditions today:

    A light covering of snow was all it took to turn Thursday's morning commute into a slippery drive as slick roads led to scores of crashes and spin outs.

    At 8:30 a.m., more than 30 incidents snarled traffic, including a car vs. semitrailer truck crash on northbound I-35W at County Road I in Mounds View. Between 5 and 8 a.m., MnDOT's traveler information site 511mn.org has listed more than 50 crashes or spin outs.

    It was not the amount of snow, less than an inch in most places across the metro, but temperatures hovering around zero made for treacherous driving.

    MnDOT has warned drivers early this morning to expect a much slower commute as chemicals are not as effective when temperatures sink to zero or below.

    "Plows out in metro clearing snow, dropping salt," MnDOT spokesman Kevin Gutknecht said in a tweet before the commute got started. "Temps may create slick spots. Take it slow this a.m., arrive dent free."

    The agency issued the usual advice: Keep the speeds down. MnDOT also reminded drivers to clear the snow off of headlights and tail lights before putting their car in drive.

    Hennepin County has 71 plows out clearing snow and laying anti-icing materials on county roads.

    By 6 a.m. snow totals were 0.4 inches in St. Cloud and at the weather service's offices in Chanhassen, and 0.2 inches at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

    Behind the snow, another surge of bitterly cold air will arrive Thursday night and persist into Monday, the National Weather Service said.

    Windchill readings are forecast to reach -30 degrees in the metro area Saturday morning and -22 degrees on Sunday morning.

    "Frostbite can set in in as little as 15 minutes on any exposed skin with wind chills of 25 below or colder," the weather service warned. And that is the situation most of Minnesota will face .

  38. 12/29 # 29

    On my own as the grandkids are at the house and she is watching them.

    Slippery drive (not as bad as yesterday) and bitterly cold. Parking lot slippery. I enlisted a contractor, Garrett, to walk along side me

    In the lobby: Mark (new guy, firefighter, cancer in his knee), Greg. A young beautiful woman completely bald. Said hello but that's it. On the way out, Maura had arrived.

    Techs: Diane and Lisa

    Safely home at 8:30 am

  39. January 2nd # 30

    Minus 8

    In the lobby: Greg (precedes me on machine # 1). Machine # 2 down so the lobby backed up a bit: Scott and Jodi (Scott's wife). Veronica. Scott # 2 with his 80 year old father Daryhl (said he had an "h" in his name). Nice chat with Daryhl while Scott went off for lab work. Was able to share the Gospel of John with him. Latter Maura arrived (as we were leaving) and another woman whom I've seen before (on crutches). Don't know her name.

    Rad techs: Diane and Lisa

    Home at 8:30

  40. Jan 3rd # 31:

    1 degree (feels better than the minus 10!)

    In the lobby: Greg, Veronica, Scott with his sister today. Scott looks very sick. Is doing chemo plus radiation.

    On leaving: Hindu man and his son-in-law and Maura. Tomorrow is Hindu man's last day. He embraced me. Hope to get a picture tomorrow.

    Daryhl (sp) left the gospel of John in the waiting area (see yesterday) and somehow it lasted all day without being thrown out. Was stacked neatly with magazines.

    Lab techs: Lisa and Ann Marie

    Home at 8:40. Had to stop for gas and picked up 2 McD's breakfast burritos

  41. January 4th #32:

    Weather basically zero / roads good

    In the lobby: Craig, Veronica, Scott and his father Daryhl. Leaving: Maura, Mark (fireman)

    Rad techs: Diane and Michelle

    Saw Dr Haley today (weekly) and reviewed all. Increased bladder spasticity - last night up every hour to "p". Once radiation is done should heal.

    Home at 8:45

  42. January 5th / # 33

    Bitterly cold - minus 9 / EZ drive in but we saw an accident on Hwy 169 on the way home

    In the lobby: Greg; Scott (the very sick guy) and his sister Stacy; Veronica; and Dan (new guy - colon cancer); On the way out, Maura walking in and Mark (fireman) just driving into the parking lot.

    Offered gospel of John to Dan who declined.

    Rad techs: Dianne and Lisa. Dianne talks like she is a Christian.

    Saw Sue (nurse) and Lori (admin)

    Home at 8:18 am. The earliest return.

    Cold streak to end this weekend

  43. January 8th # 34

    Weather is mild - I think 27 degrees. Big change from minus 10 a week ago.

    I'm on my own with the truck as Kathee is babysitting (every Monday).

    In the lobby: Gregg, Veronica and Scott (throat cancer) with his son Daniel.

    Rad techs: Jacob and Diane

    Leaving in the lobby: man having his 44th prostate cancer rad appointment. Grad day for him. Didn't get his name and have never seen him before. Also Maura, Mark (the fireman). Daniel still there waiting for his dad to finish treatments

    Selfie with Cathy, Grace, Lori and Dr Haley.

  44. January 9, 2018: Day # 35

    Mild (about 33 degrees)

    In the lobby: Veronica; We were a bit late so missed Gregg before but saw him when he left (he precedes me on machine #1); Scott (throat cancer) with his father Daryhl.

    Leaving: the other Scott's (throat cancer) wife, Jodi (he was in treatment); Maura; Dan (the one who refused gospel of John). As we went to see the Dr: Mark the firefighter who accepted a gospel of John.

    Rad Techs: Diane and Lisa. I don't have favorites - but these women are delightful.

    Saw the Dr and Grace the nurse

    Home at 8:45

  45. January 10th / # 36

    Weather mild (above freezing) with EZ drive in. Big change coming tomorrow.

    In the lobby: Gregg & Veronica. Also the very sick Scott. Today his step-son, Chris, with him. Chris is USMC Vet who served 4 terms in Iraq. In quiet moment while Gregg & Veronica were in therapy and Scott was changing, I offered Gospel of John to Chris who gladly accepted.

    Rad Techs: Liza and Jacob

    Lobby leaving: Maura, Jodi (the other Scott's wife), Dan. Chris still there. Saw Mark the fireman as we exited hospital (he just arriving)

  46. The Scott who is very sick (throat and sinus cancer) is the very important Scott Nelson attorney with Hellmuth & Johnson. Here named MN Super Lawyer

  47. January 11th: # 37

    Icy and cold drive in. 15 degrees. We left 15 min early and arrived at about 7:20. We eschewed the freeway and went via the Winnetka / Louisiana route.

    In the lobby: Only Gregg! Scott (the attorney) and his wife (Barbara) arrived a bit later and then Veronica.

    Lab techs: Dianne and Ann Marie

    Leaving lobby: Maura and Dan now there. Driving out we saw Jodi / Scott and Mark (fireman) arriving.

    We gassed up in Plymouth and were home by 8:45

    2 to go! Then I pray for 2 things: healing from the radiation (bowels and bladder) and then my urology appointment two weeks from today!

  48. Not complaining but recording: Radiation side effects: Leaking ... partial elimination ... pain sometimes peeing ... dripping urine instead of stream ... ; fatigue: naps several times a day (long naps); Up in the night to "p" about every 2 hours; loose stool.

    Saw this about how long to recover: 2 to 3 months.

  49. January 12th / # 38

    Bitterly cold (minus 9 leaving and minus 10 returning) and icy. Big accident on Hwy 169 S … we went the Winnetka / Louisiana route to avoid.

    Older Asian man (Hospital worker changing the trash) helped me out of the car.

    In the waiting room: Veronica; Gregg arrived after us; Scott (the lawyer) had his step-daughter Cassidy with him.

    Rad Techs: Dianne and Lisa. Last time to see Dianne as she won' be there next week.

    Leaving lobby: Maura, Dan, and Mark plus the other Scott's wife Jodi (he was in treatment and I missed him)

    Now home at 8:50 and about to have oatmeal

    Last day is Monday!!! Yeah!!!!

  50. The big accident today:

    The southbound lanes of Hwy. 169 in Hopkins have reopened following a multi-car pileup that had lanes blocked for more than 2½ hours Friday morning.

    Slippery conditions led to a series of chain-reaction crashes on an overpass in the vicinity of Excelsior Boulevard just before 6 a.m., the Minnesota Department of Transportation said.

    The scene was reminiscent of a demolition derby as car after car bumped into each other on the icy overpass. There were so many vehicles involved that authorities closed the southbound lanes and diverted all over traffic onto Excelsior Boulevard.

    “Fifteen to 20 may be on the low side,” a spokesman working in MnDOT’s traffic management center said. “It was nonstop.”

    The State Patrol said 22 vehicles were involved.

    It started with a crash between a van and a sedan. Then other drivers began to change lanes, lost traction and hit other vehicles., said Lt. Tiffani Nielson of the State Patrol.

    Three people were injured and one person was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injures, she said.

    An appeal over a police scanner called for “extra cars [officers] to help write [up] crash reports.”

    The wreckage was cleared and the highway was reopened around 8:35 a.m.

    Black ice may have played a role in the pile up at temperatures were below zero at the time.

  51. video of the big crash

    This is on the way to Methodist Hospital. The way we normally go. We heard about the crash and went secondary roads

  52. January 15th: Final day # 39

    Cold (4 degrees) and very slippery. Kathee normally doesn't go on Mondays b/c she babysits all day. She wanted to be there for the graduation photos and so she came with me (separate vehicles).

    In the lobby: Greg and Veronica and later Scott and his wife Barbara.

    Greg on the bed before he … upon leaving we embraced.

    Rad techs: Lisa and Jacob. Upon final "zapping" I teared up.

    There was a lobby "ceremony" with Dan, Mark, Maura and her husband Steve, and Lisa and Jacob

    I'm done … need to heal. Next up is urologist on January 25th

    Photos 1

    Photo 2

    Maura has an emmy

  53. January 17th:

    PSA test today &
    Eyebrow surgery to remove a cyst. (Local Doc was able to drain a bit with a 1/4" cut ... but not remove). Painful

    Also radiation burns appeared on my backside


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