IBM or Apple? Revisited at 4 Months

4 months ago

Comments: Will IBM ever turn around?


  1. Neither? Apple is in a position of reliance on a couple of core products that people either love or hate, and their competitors are often cheaper for about the same thing. IBM is really counting on a narrow range of products, too, but without the entrepreneurial culture of Apple. Apple if I must buy, but really, I'm with Warren Buffett; neither until I understand why I should buy.

  2. I sense there is a bit of pent up demand for the new Iphone. In my own family, mine was nearly 4 yrs old, my sister's the same, and my son is still on a 5.

    People who have Apple get accustomed to the Apple "Universe" and how nicely the products work together: like the Mac wit the IPhone.

    I'm sure the Android universe is just as robust.

    One of my sons is an Apple hater which I think is funny


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