Chess victory

Comment: A rare win. Must play flawlessly (which I rarely do) and think ahead. The D8 to D4 move where Black sacrificed his (my) Rook enabled me to advance Pawn towards conversion to a fresh Queen

Update: Win on 12/15/16

Update: Close to victory on 12/22/16

Christmas Eve morning w cat on my lap:

Christmas day: Disclosed check & mate with white King

Update: New Year's Day 2017

Update: Nearly 2 weeks between wins: 1/13/2017

Update: Nice win with Knight and Rook. Have to be careful to avoid a stalemate: 1/14/17

Draw on 1/14/17: Note: Black had all 8 pawns, White (me) 8. 

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  1. JP, those are some pretty precise moves. Speaking of precise, have the 10 commandments now been changed to the 11 commandments? In Mark 10:19, where did "defraud not" come from? I don't remember that one.


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