This is a faithful saying: Good Christians don't Boast about their "Goodness"


  1. Interesting point. On the other hand, do "good Christians" vote for candidates who are nothing but pawns of the bankers because FOX and other fake conservative networks tell them to?

  2. Anon, let us know when you find a person who believes they are horribly sinful and good at the same time. See the problem with your logic?

  3. Mr. Bubba,

    I agree with what you and JP are saying and understand the point. If I'm not mistaken, he was responding to criticism from the pope and not going into a long theological dissertation. For the context it was in, he was making a good point.

    I still don't know if he is legitimate or perhaps another diversion meant to sway votes in one direction or another, similar to Perot. But whether he is for real or a fake, he is the best candidate, or what appears to be a real candidate.

    I'm just saddened that Christians are duped into voting for the other guys because they think that FOX is a conservative network. No candidate can cure the country, and we are not electing a pastor anyway, so not all of the same theological qualifications apply to the president as it would to a pastor.


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