Hold on ... Dow closes down triple digits, posts worst opening day in 8 years

Dow closes down triple digits, posts worst opening day in 8 years


The Dow Jones industrial average closed about 275 points lower. The index closed down 1.58 percent, for its worst start to the year since Jan. 2, 2008, when the Dow fell 1.66 percent.

Earlier, the index fell 467 points, or more than 2.5 percent, temporarily on pace for its largest percent decline on the first trading day of the year since 1932.

"I guess it makes a little more difficult hole (at the) start of the year for the market to dig itself out of," said Daniel Deming, managing director at KKM Financial. "This is just a culmination of some of the things built up over the weekend — conflict in the Middle East, lower highs and lower lows," he said.
Comment: Heatmap image source - screen shot here.  I rarely mention specific investments, but today I bought shares of HSBC.


  1. Gosh, it's like we have leadership in DC that doesn't understand that incentives matter.....sigh....

  2. Did you buy any SWHC? With the recent political actions it has gone up.

    Sandy Hook was mentioned in the speech as a reason for stricture regulations. My pastor always taught us not to go to movies because the public will not know whether we are there to watch a movie or if we are crisis actors hired to engage in a massive hoax. Granted the hoax known as Sandy Hook did not take place at a theatre, but some of them do. My pastor always thought it's better to avoid the appearance of being a crisis actor and that's why Christians have historically been against the theatre.


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