#BlackLivesMatter at Mall of America

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  • From my wife: "If they were really concerned about black lives, they would be protesting at Planned Parenthood"
  • Me: an anarchist group


  1. Organizer: Mall of America protest was a 'decoy':

    “The mall was a decoy,” said Black Lives Matter organizer Miski Noor, who protested at the airport. “I think it was really effective.”

    Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said the protesters’ move from the mall to the airport created a “very, very dangerous situation.”

    Police made 12 arrests total at the airport and mall, though no injuries or property damage were reported.

    “We accomplished exactly what we came here to accomplish — we wanted to shut down the highway, shut down the airport and show solidarity with other Black Lives Matter groups,” Michelle Barnes, one of the protest organizers, told the Star Tribune.

  2. Our family was at the protest last year--not right there but at the MOA. Really if you want to help black lives, agreed that protesting Planned Infanticide is a great step, and so would a protest of government policies that promote unwed parenting.


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