I'll be there in a "punct" (and other weird time terms)

10 Little-Known Units of Time

  • Atom: about 1/6th Of A Second
  • Ghurry: 24 Minutes
  • Lustre: A Period Of Five Years
  • Mileway: Amount Time It Takes To Walk One Mile (20 minutes)
  • Nundine: A Period Of Nine Days
  • Punct: In Medieval Europe A Punct Was A Quarter Of An Hour
  • Quadrant: A Period Of Exactly Six Hours
  • Quinzième: a period of 15 days
  • Scruple: In the early 17th century scruple also came to be used as another name for 1/60th of a degree of a circle (i.e. one minute), 1/60th of a minute (i.e. one second), and 1/60th of a day (i.e. 24 minutes).
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