You don’t need millions to retire happy

"The Retiree Next Door": How successful retirees stretch their savings


... more than 500 retirees who shared the keys to their success in a new eBook "The Retiree Next Door" to be released on Thursday by MoneyTips.com. The personal finance education site asked retirees who considered themselves to be living comfortably to discuss everything from their net worth and income to their shopping habits and savings strategies. “About six months ago we did a survey and found that one-third of baby boomers had no retirement plan,” says Marc Diana, CEO of MoneyTips.com. “We wanted to go to the other end of the spectrum and [talk to] retirees who were successfully retired to see if they could help connect the dots.”
Comment:Link free Ebook: The Retiree Next Door. On my vacation last week: 5 1st cousins: 2 dead ... three retired. Of all the relatives we connected with: 2 still working (one 71 ... other 61) ... all others retired. My siblings: 1 retired. 1 works part time. Kathee's siblings: 1 dead ... 3 retired ... only Kathee works. Saturday we are having 2 couples by for dinner. One couple: the husband is retired ... the wife (63) still works. Other couple, the husband is retiring at the end of the month

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