Gallup's "Best Friend at Work" Question

Do you really need a 'best friend' at work?


... it being a Gallup copyrighted question, we have a few good reasons. 1. Even on basic grammar considerations it isn't that great a question. The question consists of the following statement which is accompanied by an agreement scale: 'I have a best friend at work' Does it mean my best friend works with me? Or does it mean that I have a colleague who I like more than other colleagues who I would consider a friend? Or does it mean I can identify anyone as being more friendly than my other colleagues? Many people tell us they have a 'good', 'close' or even 'totally awesome' friend at work, but 'best friend' is often described as confusing
Comment: The YouTube version of the above:

Comment: I sleep with my best friend at work (wife works with me). In our Q12 meetings this does not get a laugh


  1. My Q12 strategy .... I answer all questions "5". I only have one more year to do Q12. No .... 2 .... January 15 and January 16. Maybe in January 16 I will answer all questions "1"

  2. We have the option to fill out a "wellness" survey every year in order to get reduced rates on our healthcare benefits. I don't answer honestly on any of it - not the "best friend" question, not how many drinks I have a week, not whether or not I speed while driving, not how many servings of fruit I eat each day.

  3. Gotta love the Gallup profile. Company used it to weed me out of a position I'd have liked, I believe, and one interesting thing in it is that the factor--"achiever"--is linked to aggressively doing a lot of work, but not necessarily....caring about the quality of the work.

    There's a little clinic down here that uses a lot of this company's products, and I've seen billboards noting some deficiencies with them taken out by lawyers. Somehow it seems to follow......

    (the bright side of "achievers" is you just throw work at them and it's as good as done.....they don't need incentives, really...except to get it done...right)


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