Why I like Qualcomm

Deutsche Bank’s Top Five Wireless Tech Stocks to Buy


Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) remains the 900-pound gorilla in the wireless space. A new Qualcomm technology used to create a series of reliable, on-the-fly wireless networks at the South by Southwest Interactive conference earlier this month may soon provide high-end mobile-device users across the United States with a new type of digital experience -- one that combines their live presence and digital identity. The GIMBAL smartphone technology, which was just transferred from Qualcomm Labs to the chip maker's retail services unit, may also prove a watershed for cellular consumers willing to trade location privacy for shopping deals and convenience. Deutsche Bank raised its price target from $76 to $86. The consensus target is $81.43. Qualcomm closed Monday at $77.74.

As the wireless world continues to explode, the companies that focus on new network applications that support increasing mobile use are the companies that will win the battle. Mobile computing via smartphones and tablets is totally changing the game for everything from advertising to entertainment. Stocks that cater to and support the technological change will be the ultimate winners.
Comment: I  have a small position in QCOM. While the dividend is low (1.8%), I see growth potential ahead

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