The GOOG (Google) stock split

We Interrupt This Program to Tell You About Google's Stock Split


Google's plan will create a new class of "C'' share that has no voting power. As reported, the share of C stock will be distributed for each share of voting Class A stock owned as of March 27. To begin with the value of the current stock will be divided equally between the two types of shares. Both classes of stock will then trade separately with different ticker symbols. Class C shares will still use the company's existing "GOOG" ticker symbol, while Class A stock will use the symbol "GOOGL." 
When? "The split is scheduled to occur April 2."


  1. The current A & B class stocks detailed:

    Google is proposing to have three classes of stock. Mr. Brin and Mr. Page will control the super-voting Class B stock, which have 10 votes per share and provide the two co-founders with voting control over Google. The Class B shares are convertible into the current publicly traded Class A shares, which have one vote per share and trade under the symbol Goog.

    Now, Google is planning to add a separate nonvoting stock called Class C shares, which will trade publicly under a separate ticker. According to Google, Class C will have all the same rights as Class A shares including the rights to dividends, if and when Google ever pays them.

    Google is doing this is so that founders can maintain control of the company.

    The issuance of regular stock and sales of Class B shares by the two has diluted their interest over time. The two control only slightly more than 50 percent of the votes.

  2. Coming this week. Update

    The Class C stock is inheriting the "GOOG" ticker symbol. The Class A stock will switch to a new symbol: "GOOGL."

    B class = in hands of top execs
    A class = voting
    C class = non-voting

  3. Now another news is up Goog Stock has split… now the current stock will be divided equally between the different types of shares.


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