Condo shopping: 212 N 1st Street, Minneapolis

212 N 1st Street, Minneapolis

Comments: We've been looking at condos on and off for about 2 years. Starting to ramp it up a bit. Today after church we dropped in on this open house. Very nice.

Others we have looked at:

  • Rock Island Lofts (Minneapolis)
  • Security Lofts (Minneapolis)
  • Itasca Lofts (Minneapolis)
  • Cream of Wheat Lofts (Minneapolis)
  • The Ivy (Minneapolis)
  • IMS Lofts (Minneapolis)
  • Humboldt Lofts (Minneapolis)
  • Lindsey Lofts (Minneapolis)
  • Stone Arch Lofts (Minneapolis)
  • Great Northern Lofts (Saint Paul)
  • River Park Lofts (Saint Paul)

A nice loft and condo directory is available at yoururbanlife.com
We use edinarealty.com to look for open houses.
Ray Klotz is our realtor. At the appropriate time we intend to have Ray be our selling and buying realtor


  1. I think you should buy one of the "Cream of Wheat" lofts simply because of the cool name. :^)

    (they won't make you eat the stuff, will they?)

    1. I'm a big fan of Cream of Wheat ... every Friday am

  2. Checked on xtra garage and the developer has one for sale for $ 15,000.


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