The Nightmare of German Inflation - One day everything was fine. The next day hell was unleashed

Read this first: The Nightmare of German Inflation

For those who skipped or failed (or forgot) European history: The Weimar Republic

U.S. May Join Germany of 1933 in Pantheon of Defaults


Failure by the world’s biggest economy to pay its debt in an interconnected, globalized world risks an array of devastating consequences that could lay waste to stock markets from Brazil to Zurich and bring the $5 trillion market in Treasury-backed loans to a halt. Borrowing costs would soar, the dollar’s role as the world’s reserve currency would be in doubt and the U.S. and world economies would risk plunging into recession -- and potentially depression.
Comments: Imagine ... you've saved $ 1,000,000 for retirement ... but your money is worthless! (in the title 'hell was unleashed' ... not even close ... )

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