LBJ Trip

Kathee and I returned yesterday from our San Antonio trip. We left Thursday May 10th, spent the night at Guthrie, Oklahoma and then on Friday May 11th, we drove to Mother's house in Arlington TX. On Saturday May 12th, taking 2 cars, Nancy (my Sister) and Mother and Kathee and I drove on to San Antonio. We stayed the week at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch. That week, Robert Caro's 4th volume of the LBJ biography was published. I received it just days before our trip. My Brother had read volumes 1-3 and recommended volume 4 to me. But it was George Will's column that persuaded me.


Robert Caro's "The Passage of Power," the fourth and, he insists, penultimate volume in his "The Years of Lyndon Johnson," which when completed will rank as America's most ambitiously conceived, assiduously researched and compulsively readable political biography. The new volume arrives 30 years after the first, and its timing is serendipitous: Are you seeking an antidote to current lamentations about the decline of political civility? Immerse yourself in Caro's cringe-inducing catalogue of humiliations, gross and petty, inflicted on Johnson by many New Frontiersmen and, with obsessive hatred, by Robert Kennedy
The trip was not really an LBJ trip - it was to celebrate my Mother's 92nd birthday. But I worked through the LBJ book last week. Additionally we visited - and this was an absolute highlight of the trip - the LBJ Ranch and Texas White House.

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