IRS Refund: Missed that date!

Click for larger image. Message is:

"You should receive your refund by February 21, 2012"

Comment: IRS Where's My Refund site. Calling the IRS is like (well ... dealing with Comcast!). Finally got ahold of a very kind woman who said they had not begun to process my return yet. I wanted to ask ... why does the website say that my refund would be here yesterday ... but I knew she wouldn't have the answer!

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  1. Same thing happened to me. Was expecting my refund on the 21st as shown on the IRS website, and when I logged into my bank account both yesterday and today...nothing there.

    Too bad I made a major purchase this past weekend, banking on the notion that my tax refund would be here when the IRS said it would! I wonder if these clowns have ANY clue how many people they're screwing over by providing bogus return date infomation.


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