In the garage - I think "Scutigera coleoptrata"

Comment: I saw it darting along the garage wall as we went to the car last night (leaving for church). I asked Kathee if she had seen it - she missed it. It moved very fast. I estimate 2-3" long. I saw it this morning again - still.

Kathee it ready to mash it the next time it appears.

Scutigera coleoptrata


  1. And me and the psychiatrist were jumping up and down yelling kill....kill.....kill....and the sargeant came down and pinned a medal on me and said "you're our boy" and sent me on for more....

    :^) Sorry, couldn't resist.

  2. JP: Saw him today on the garage wall. Darted down the wall from near the top straight downn to near the garage floor. Startled me!


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