Micro "Soft-in-the-Middle"

What Microsoft Needs? Years of Big, Money-Losing Bets, Consultant Says


Microsoft, he says is basically the beneficiary of a once-a-century, one-time windfall for "having figured out a market 30 years ago." Kay adds that their future, a slow decline of their main franchise, is actually quite visible. Ouch. Clearly not the kind of talk that inspires men to great things, but nonetheless, a seemingly fair take on a behemoth that has been trading consistently within a few bucks of $25 a share since the collapse of the tech bubble in 2001.

Comment: X-Box and Kinect strong. Online business losing big. Next Windows (Windows 8) will run on ARM. I've heard many good things about Windows 7 (fast bootup time).

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  1. Article on the strength of Microsoft's operating system revenue: Microsoft commands 79 percent of worldwide OS revenue (

    According to Gartner, Microsoft owned 78.6 percent of the global market revenue share for desktop operating systems at the end of 2010 -- revenue up almost 9 percent from 2009. That means, of the $30.4 billion in revenue that various companies generated, $23.8 billion lined Microsoft's coffers.


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