PogoPlug file server

Plugging In $40 Computers


The first plausible use for the plub computer is to attach one of these gizmos to a USB hard drive. Voila, you’ve got a network server. CloudEngines, a startup, has in fact built a $99 plug computer called Pogoplug, that will let you share the files on your hard drive, not only in your home but also anywhere on the Internet.

“This creates a smart data center for the home,” Mr. Sutardja said.



The Pogoplug connects your external hard drive to the Internet so you can easily share and access your files from anywhere.

Comment: I think I will try this out!


  1. Interesting concept. It seems to essentially be a jetdirect card for a usb device. Does that seem about right?

  2. I've ordered one. I've yet to order a USB drive but they are EZ to pick up. As soon as it all comes in I will set up and report


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