Fraud on CC

A first for me .... credit card fraud

I checked out my Chase card this morning and there was a charge to http://www.billccnow.com/ on my card. Looks like some kind of portal to a porn site. Later (4:30 pm) I checked again and there were 2 more charges for $ 58 each. I called Chase and they canceled the card.


  1. I have been hearing rumors of more CC fraud lately. The ones lately seem to charge around a 1 or 2 dollars to see if you look at your charges. Then a month or so later charge more. But they also don't seem to charge a ton, more like what you got charged. I guess it is more likely to get looked over when one is looking at charges. I know I tend to just look for larger ticket items and ignore the rest.

  2. I was exceptionally pleased with the excellent customer service provided by Chase! Thanks

  3. I'll be looking more closely at my credit card bills from now on. Hope that somebody goes after the perp, I mean perv.


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